Taschenmesser und Küchenmesser von Heinr. Böker Baumwerk GmbHBöker Leopard Damast Brieföffner Letter opener
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  Letter opener Böker Leopard Damast Brieföffner
Letter Opener Böker Leopard Damast Brieföffner Letter Opener Böker Leopard Damast Brieföffner 2

Letter Opener

Böker Leopard Damast Brieföffner

Overall length: 16,7 cm
Blade length: 10,2 cm
Weight: 37 g
Blade material: Damast
Handle material: Damast
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EUR 164,95
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The high performance Leopard-Damascus steel is forged from the barrel of the canon of the battle tank Leopard I, exclusively for Boker. In pure manual craftmanship the extremely hard and tough material is is forged with a tool steel and a ball bearing steel to more than 300 layers. Through the special etching procedure the three different metals come out very clearly in the damascus pattern. The dynamic recurved blade with an indicated tanto point and the decorative file works on the back of the blade mark the high standard of this extraordinary letter opener. Made completely by hand in our knife manufactory in Solingen. It comes with a certificate of authenticity and individual serial number and a premium leather sleeve pouch. Overall length 16,7 cm. Blade 10,2 cm. Thickness (handle) 4 mm. Weight 37 g.
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