Boker offers a great variety of knives, especially pocket knives, fixed blade knives and kitchen cutlery.Fixed blade knives, pocket knives and kitchen knives from Solingen
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  Kitchen knives Boker Ceramic Utility Knife black

Kitchen knife

Boker Ceramic Utility Knife black

Overall length: 9 1/4"
Blade length: 4 5/8"
Weight: 2.5 oz.
Blade material: Ceramic
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Modern technology for the kitchen - said effortlessly. And sometimes, it also feels effortless, like working with the Boker Ceramic knives. The Boker Ceramic Series: ultra-sharp, corrosion-free and dishwasher-safe knives made of ceramic - an extremely hard and durable material, comparable to a diamond. Blades made out of this ceramic are (and stay) super sharp for a very long time. The handle is made of fiber reinforced synthetic material and offers a very comfortable, secure grip and ergonomic shape. Boker Ceramic knives are very low maintenance, for they are 100% corrosion resistant and dishwashersafe. Furthermore, they are lightweight, non-magnetic and chemically neutral, which makes them perfect for cutting delicate food. Please be advised: A knife is a cutting tool, not a screwdriver and not a prying tool. If you keep that in mind, you will enjoy your boker Ceramic knife for many years. Blade length 4 5/8". Thickness 2.2 mm. Overall length 9 1/4". Weight 2.5 oz.
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