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Malaga Gearslinger Black

No longer available
Malaga Gearslinger Schwarz
Preview: Malaga Gearslinger Schwarz
Item no.: 09MP0423S

Malaga Gearslinger Black

No longer available
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Product description

The MALAGA GEARSLINGER expands the product range of bags that are carried with a diagonal shoulder strap and can be used on both sides. The main compartment of this larger version provides sufficient space for storing a DIN A4-sized drawing pas or the like. The main compartment of the MALAGA GEARSLINGER is divided and partially equipped with Velcro in order to attach the CCW holster or other Velcro holders. The cross strap can be applied on both sides and serves for the additional attachment. It includes an integrated emergency whistle. The MALAGA GEARSLINGER also has a separate pocket for a beverage container of approx. 1.5 l (not included). Volume: approx. 11 l. Main compartment: 33 x 23 x 10 cm. Weight: approx. 1100 gr.


Since 1998, the US company Maxpedition has been a successful and established supplier in the highly competitive market for professional bags. Functional and ergonomic designs, the best materials (1000 denier nylon, Du Pont Teflon® fabric coating, YKK zippers, Duraflex buckles, etc.) and an extremely attractive price-performance ratio are the strengths of Maxpedition in addition to the uncompromising quality of the products. A further advantage is the consistent modularity of all bags and backpacks with other equipment pockets. Thanks to the established MOLLE system, your luggage or equipment can always be adapted to your specific application. Depending on the area of ​​application and preference, they have the choice of various color variants, from discreet to tactical military. Maxpedition offers a comprehensive warranty on material or processing errors. All products are manufactured according to strict military specifications and have been designed for the application range of the civilian user. At Maxpedition you will find the perfect bag for everyday, work or leisure time.

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