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Outdoor Edge

Wild Pak

Fixed Blade
1.030,0 g
Available 22/12/2017
Wild Pak
Preview: Wild Pak
Item no.: 02OE005
Type: Fixed Blade
Weight: 1.030,0 g
Lock: Fixed
Available 22/12/2017
€61.95 *
* All prices incl. VAT excl. shipping costs

Product description

This universal eight-piece set gives the hunter everything he needs for dressing game "from the hunt to the freezer". For gutting, skinning, coiling, preparation or dressing, and cutting portions. The spreader is used to open the cavity without damaging the venison. The blades are made from 420 steel. The grips feature a non-slip horn texture and provide pleasant and reliable handling. The distinctive color scheme ensures that the contents are easily found at a glance. The entire set is compact and well organized in the handy carrying case, and contains skinner, dressing knife, caper, saw, 2 spreaders, knife sharpener, and safety gloves. Dimensions 40 x 18 x 4 cm.
Outdoor Edge

Outdoor Edge

In 2014 the US company Outdoor Edge, based in Colorado, celebrated its 25th anniversary. As a designated specialist for hunting knives and other hunting tools Outdoor Edge offers a wide range of helpful items for hunting purposes, for all kinds of  game species and thoughout every continent. Not only the hunt itself is in their focus, but also the processing after the successful hunt is their priority at home or directly in the woods. Their hunting kits are a result of their long term experiences when putting together the right tools for the job. Many different saws, boning knives and skinner that can process the game perfectly. You can tell, that these tools are made from hunters for hunters. Each new product is field tested by David Bloch under a variety of circumstances before it becomes part of the product line. That is the guarantee, that each single product serves you for a long time with a maximum of functionality and reliability and through the usage of high quality materials.

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