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Allen Elishewitz

lexikon-allen-elishewitzKnife Maker Allen Elishewitz was born in Texas where he has lived most of his life, but he also lived in Indonesia, Taiwan, Singapore and Thailand. He has been interested in knives ever since he was very young. He has been practicing different martial arts over the past 30 years like Okinawan Te, Thai Boxing, Northern Shaolin and Kali. These trainings, along with his experiences as a Recon Marine, gave him the perfect background to design both defense and utility knives. During the time he spent at 4th Recon C Company, he was a Team Leader in charge of a Deep Recon Platoon. He is trained in Artillery Call for Fire, Naval Call for Fire, SOTG, Amphibious Recon and many in-company trainings. He even has a Bachelor Degree in Criminal Justice and an Associate Degree in Fine Arts.

He started making knives part time while he was in College and decided to become a full-time Knife Maker after graduating. He has been making knives since 1988, constantly researching, refining and developing this craft. Allen Elishewitz is a member of the American Knifemakers Guild since 1994, at that time he was the youngest Guild Member.

From an early age he was exposed and trained in various forms of art. Some of these art forms are: Acid etching, printing, drawing, painting, architectural drafting, guilloche work and enameling. In 1985 he won the First Place at the Asian Art Fair in Singapore with a five-color printing. He was the first Knife Maker to introduce the lost art of guilloche to the cutlery world.

Popular knives by Allen Elishewitz
A01 Microswitch Black
Hogue A01 Microswitch Black
169,95 € *
A01 Microswitch Grey
Hogue A01 Microswitch Grey
169,95 € *
EX-01 4.0 G-Mascus Black
Hogue EX-01 4.0 G-Mascus Black
240,00 € * 179,95 € *
X5 4.0 Dark Earth
Hogue X5 4.0 Dark Earth
230,00 € *
EX-F01 5.5 Cocobolo
Hogue EX-F01 5.5 Cocobolo
240,00 € *
EX-F03 G10 Black
Hogue EX-F03 G10 Black
159,95 € *
EX-T01 Tomahawk Black
Hogue EX-T01 Tomahawk Black
350,00 € *
EX-A05 4.0 Alu Black
Hogue EX-A05 4.0 Alu Black
280,00 € *
X1 Microflip Black
Hogue X1 Microflip Black
149,95 € *
EX-01 3.5 G10 Black
Hogue EX-01 3.5 G10 Black
220,00 € * 119,95 € *
EX-02 Flipper Walnut
SIG Sauer EX-02 Flipper Walnut
199,95 € *
EX-02 Flipper G10
SIG Sauer EX-02 Flipper G10
220,00 € *
EX-03 4.0
Hogue EX-03 4.0
179,95 € *
EX-04 3.5 G-Mascus Black
Hogue EX-04 3.5 G-Mascus Black
240,00 € * 179,95 € *
EX-04 4.0 G10 Black
Hogue EX-04 4.0 G10 Black
260,00 € * 159,95 € *
X5 3.5 Black
Hogue X5 3.5 Black
240,00 € *
X5 4.0 OD Green
Hogue X5 4.0 OD Green
230,00 € *
X1 Microflip Grey
Hogue X1 Microflip Grey
149,95 € *
X1 Microflip Aquamarine
Hogue X1 Microflip Aquamarine
149,95 € *