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Damascus steel is the name of a type of steel that was very popular in the Middle Ages and the Early Modern Age. It was named after the Syrian city of Damascus, a former trade center for knives and swords with this type of blade. Today, Damascus steel is rarely used but still appreciated for its decorative exterior.

Damascus is a composite steel, i.e. a steel made from two or more steel bases with different characteristics. The finished product has a clearly visible texture of alternating layers of its base materials. Two or more types of steel are used to make a composite in order to achieve a finished product that combines their strengths. Damascus steel was developed to compensate for the disadvantages of steel as a material in the production of swords, knives and other weapons. Using a hard or soft steel to make blades resulted in specific advantages and disadvantages: Blades made from hard steel are very strong and retain their edge for a long time, but they are also brittle and quick to break. Blades made from soft steel, on the other hand, don\'t break but bend and lose their edge quickly.

The combination of hard and soft steel typical for Damascus results in a finished product that doesn\'t break (like soft steel) while still offering good edge retention (like hard steel). The base materials of Damascus steel are usually welded together. The steel layers are forge-welded according to a basic principle: Finer layers of steel are better and easier to join. It is not unusual to weld several hundred layers for one blade.

Today, Damascus steel no longer plays a role in blade production due to the availability of mono steel products (made from one type of steel) offering the same properties achieved in Damascus steel by combining two or more steel types. Damascus steel is still appreciated for its decorative exterior and long history.

Messer mit Damastklingen
Damascus Quincewood
Magnum Damascus Quincewood
71,95 € * 49,95 € *
Kinzoku Damascus
Higonokami Kinzoku Damascus
49,95 € *
McKenna Black Damascus
WE Knife McKenna Black Damascus
104,95 € *
Damast Walnuss Santoku
Böker Manufaktur Solingen Damascus Walnut Santoku
119,95 € *
Exskelibur I Cocobolo Damast
Böker Plus Exskelibur I Cocobolo Damascus
199,95 € *
Exskelibur II Cocobolo Damast
Böker Plus Exskelibur II Cocobolo Damascus
167,95 € *
Kwaiken Flipper Damast
Böker Plus Kwaiken Flipper Damascus
379,00 € *
Caveman Damast
Magnum Caveman Damascus
66,95 € *
Stockman Classic Damast
Böker Manufaktur Solingen Stockman Classic Damascus
189,95 € * 149,95 € *
Elite 271 Olive Damast
Fox Knives Elite 271 Olive Damascus
225,00 € *
Mini Damast Olive
LionSteel Mini Damascus Olive
199,95 € *
Damascus Countess
Magnum Damascus Countess
73,95 € *
Damascus Mistress
Magnum Damascus Mistress
73,95 € *
Damascus Duke
Magnum Damascus Duke
57,95 € *
Damast Jahresmesser 2019
Böker Manufaktur Solingen Annual Damascus 2019
295,00 € *
Hoseki Damascus
Higonokami Hoseki Damascus
49,95 € *
Tirpitz-Damast Wood 42
Böker Manufaktur Solingen Tirpitz-Damascus Wood 42
599,00 € *
Vollintegral Anniversary 150 Damast
Böker Manufaktur Solingen Vollintegral Anniversary 150 Damascus
1.595,00 € *
Pocket Mooreiche Damast
Böker Manufaktur Solingen Pocket Bog Oak Damascus
149,95 € *
Damascus Gent I
Böker Plus Damascus Gent I
104,95 € *
Damascus Gent II
Böker Plus Damascus Gent II
87,95 € *
Damascus Dominator
Böker Plus Damascus Dominator
115,95 € *
Urban Trapper Damasteel
Böker Plus Urban Trapper Damasteel
279,00 € *
Sheepdog Damasteel Odin
Kizer Sheepdog Damasteel Odin
351,00 € *
Mamba Mooreiche Damast
Böker Manufaktur Solingen Mamba Bog Oak Damascus
429,00 € *
20-20 Dampfmaschinen-Damast
Böker Manufaktur Solingen 20-20 Steam Engine Damascus
299,00 € *
Pen Knife Classic Damast
Böker Manufaktur Solingen Pen Knife Classic Damascus
149,95 € * 119,95 € *
Damastreste Tirpitz
Böker Manufaktur Solingen Tirpitz Damascus Residue
69,95 € *
Arvenis Damasteel
MKM Arvenis Damasteel
669,00 € *
SR-1 Titanium Damascus
LionSteel SR-1 Titanium Damascus
395,00 € *
T.R.E. Damascus Thor Titan
LionSteel T.R.E. Damascus Thor Titan
349,00 € *
ROK Damast Gold
LionSteel ROK Damascus Gold
489,00 € *
Damascus Stubby
Magnum Damascus Stubby
125,95 € *
Damascus Bone
Magnum Damascus Bone
98,95 € *
Damascus Lord
Magnum Damascus Lord
99,95 € *
Delica 4 Titanium Damascus
Spyderco Delica 4 Titanium Damascus
291,00 € *
Endura 4 Titanium Damascus
Spyderco Endura 4 Titanium Damascus
329,00 € * 321,00 € *
Lille Damasteel
Viper Lille Damasteel
389,00 € *
Lille Damasteel Blue
Viper Lille Damasteel Blue
548,00 € *
Barlow Classic Damast
Böker Manufaktur Solingen Barlow Classic Damascus
169,95 € *
Leopard-Damast I
Böker Manufaktur Solingen Leopard-Damascus I
569,00 € *
Leopard-Damast III 42
Böker Manufaktur Solingen Leopard-Damascus III 42
619,00 € *
Böker Manufaktur Solingen Tirpitz-Damascus
699,00 € *
Tirpitz-Damast 42
Böker Manufaktur Solingen Tirpitz-Damascus 42
699,00 € *
Leopard-Damast III 42 Collection
Böker Manufaktur Solingen Leopard-Damascus III 42 Collection
699,00 € *
Special Run Davis Damast
Böker Manufaktur Solingen Special Run Davis Damascus
419,00 € *
Leopard-Damast II
Böker Manufaktur Solingen Leopard-Damascus II
589,00 € *