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Push Button

The Push Button is a widely used locking and opening mechanism which is used for both classic pocket knives and switchblades. By pressing the button, the blade is released and can then be opened. The blade of switchblades then opens automatically due to the tension of the spring behind it. However, a push button does not mean that the knife is a switchblade. To close the blade, the button is pressed again and the blade is manually guided back into the handle body.

Push Buttons are also used for cases and pouches, but of course these are pure closures.



Please note:

None of the knives sold by Boker USA, Inc. are spring-loaded, not even the ones with push button locks. Boker and Magnum knives that are automatic-opening have been converted by outside parties, which are unaffiliated with Boker USA, Inc. This alteration voids their warranty with Boker USA, Inc.