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Lanyard Hole

The lanyard hole is used to attach a strap or loop. In order to secure important tools like knives and have them at the ready at all times, lanyards have become popular in recent years.

Flat Grind

The flat grind is a common grind for knife blades offering very good "middle-grade" cutting properties. Blades with a flat grind are used for a wide variety of knives.


A flipper is a tab on the blade pivot used to open a pocketknife. The tab sticks out from the handle when the knife is closed; once opened, it also serves as a small crossguard.


A framelock is a special type of locking mechanism used in one-handed knives. Knives equipped with this mechanism are called framelock knives. It makes possible to open and close a knife with one...

Friction Folder

A friction folder has a freely moving blade without any restraints or locking mechanisms. This knife design has been used for centuries.