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Jason Stout

Jason Stout from Tennessee is a skilled toolmaker and machinist. Since the training, the full-time Knife Maker designs Pocketknives, Fixed Blades and handy Multitools. All work steps are carried out by himself by hand. His claim is not the creation of knives which everyone likes, but the realization of its own style.

Popular knives from Jason Stout
Lateralus Steel
Böker Plus Lateralus Steel
94,95 € * 64,95 € *
Leviathan G10
Böker Plus Leviathan G10
72,95 € *
Leviathan Steel
Böker Plus Leviathan Steel
82,95 € *
Lateralus Blackwash
Böker Plus Lateralus Blackwash
99,95 € * 69,95 € *
Lateralus G10
Böker Plus Lateralus G10
83,95 € * 55,95 € *