Taschenmesser und Küchenmesser von Heinr. Böker Baumwerk GmbHBöker bietet Messer made in Solingen - Taschenmesser, Kochmesser, Küchenmesser, Jagdmesser, Outdoormesser, Sammlermesser und Schwerter. Treetimes Katrina
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BÖKER Ceramic Messer übersteht Hurrican Katrina

Vor wenigen Tagen hat uns eine eMail erreicht, die wir Ihnen nicht vorenthalten wollen...

Dear Boker Representative,

I'm writing to tell you about my experience with your product. Years ago I purchased a Boker ceramic folding knife. It was a fine piece of craftmanship and had not dulled noticeably over the years of light to moderate use. Sadly, I lost my knife when I left it in my home while evacuating from hurricane Katrina. My house ended up under ten feet of water for about three weeks. It was not until two weeks ago that was I able to recover much of anything from my home. When I found my knife drawer, I was dismayed to see all my other knives rusted and corroded shut from weeks of sitting in corrosive, foul water. When I reached for my Boker ceramic, it opened as easily as the day that I bought it and was relatively unmarred from the entire experience. I wanted to thank you for making such an outstanding product which I will forever be glad to own, carry, and say that it's the only thing from my house which survived Katrina unmarred.

A proud customer,
Scott M., New Orleans, Louisian