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Knife editions "42


It seems that our knife editions "42" need some more explanation, to avoid any confusion on customer's side.

There is a need for non-locking knives, due to strict knife laws in several countries. So we offer a number of knives in two different versions.

Let's take a look at the Boker Plus Nano for example: The standard model (01BO597) is a frame lock with a steel locking scale, constructionswise working just as any Frame Lock you have seen so far. For the model "42" (01BO598), we developed a special construction, which is based on the real Frame Lock, but modified in some important points. Our goal was not to create a "fake Frame lock" or a certain look of the mechanism. The way the non-locking model looks is a pure consequence of the construction of that knife.

The idea is basically pretty simple: The blade has an extended tang, which prevents the lock-bar from slipping behind the blade when the blade is opened. The lock-bar stays parallel to the blade, and as soon as the blade is fully opened, an additional detent holds the blade open. This gives a certain resistance for closing the blade, but definitely is not rated as a lock, for you just push the blade close, without releasing any mechanism.

The design of the handle with the deep index finger choil provides you with additional safety, for, even if the blade closes accidentally, there is no contact between the cutting edge and your finger. Thus this knife is a very safe one, even without a lock. It gives you the comfort of a one hand opener, without interfering with the laws in many countries, like Germany and others, where locking one hand openers are restricted.

By the way: The number "42" refers to § 42 WaffG (German weapon law).

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   Boker Leopard III Damascus 42

Boker Leopard III Damascus 42

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