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My Favorite Knife | Firma Moes Messenwinkel & Slijperij

If you ask the typical Teuton about the Netherlands, he will often dismiss his likeable neighboring country with the well-worn clichés of cheese, windmills or coffee shops - and there was also something about soccer. To make matters worse, the common German is not even familiar with the correct country name, because Holland and the Netherlands are two different pairs of clogs. But basically the Germans are quite fond of their neighbors - as long as they speak German with them.

Not far from the Amstel river, a special tulip from Amsterdam presents itself: Jaap and Barbara welcome their customers in the Firma Moes - Messenwinkel & Slijperij with a lot of heart and soul and concentrated expertise in the middle of the Amsterdam district De Pijp. For more than 15 years, the couple has been running the specialty store in the third generation and, in addition to an extensive assortment of high-quality cutlery, offers a colorful bouquet of services ranging from knife sharpening to individual and expert advice. Because one thing is certain: "If it cuts, we have it in stock.," is the confident motto of the two owners.

Barbara had her first contact with knives at a very early age. After all, she was taught this passion for the special steel workpieces by her father and grandfather. She received her first pocket knife from her father at the age of 16, which she has always cherished. 

Quality is a top priority in the more than 70-year-old "Moes - Messenwinkel & Slijperij" (Knife Shop & Sharpening Shop). This applies not only to the work carried out on the blades, but also to the careful selection of the assortment. The display is peppered with the finest knives, scissors and other cutlery from the best-known manufacturers. Boker has also been a fixture at Moes for more than 20 years. "The business relationship with Boker is impeccable. Wishes are promptly implemented and trends are passed on in a mutual exchange. So both sides benefit, which ultimately benefits our customers greatly."

According to unconfirmed reports from a Boker sales representative, the coffee at Moes is excellent. The knives of the Boker Plus LRF series are of equally noble selection. Barbara is particularly impressed by the Boker Plus LRF Cocobolo: "I just love how smoothly and sonorously the knife opens and closes. The classic handle made of cocobolo wood forms a harmonious contrast to the otherwise modern appearance of the Gentleman knife. If you're looking for a slim knife with a classy look, you've come to the right place."

Jaap and Barbara have long since become a fixture in Amsterdam with their company, and even in these difficult times, they stand by their clientele with advice, support and always a little small talk. It's hard to imagine the lively knife scene in the Netherlands without the friendly couple, true to the motto: Nothing goes without Moes.


Firma Moes Messenwinkel & Slijperij
Eerste van der Helststraat 67
1073 AD Amsterdam
Opening hours
Tuesday to Friday 10h – 17.30h
Saturday 10h – 17.00h
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