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My Favorite Knife | Stahlwaren Wagner

At the top, loneliness, humility and icy silence reign. The wind whistles mercilessly and soon shows whether it is friend or foe. The gaze is focused, the breath calm. Only the pounding of the heart is audible and the adrenaline in the blood makes you forget the icy cold for a moment. Below: loud roar of around 25,000 enthusiastic people. Cheers, horns, cowbells, a colorful sea of flags and great expectations. Tunnel vision: but the focus is initially only on a small flag. When this is waved by the coach, it's no longer a matter of the external conditions, but what you make of it. A strong push off the beam, the acceleration to 90 km/h and, as always, catching the right jump. Then it's a matter of enjoying 10 seconds of bliss carried by the wind, which fly by, and finally it's just a matter of landing safely. Relief, a smile, arriving as if in the arms of family. The fans frenetically cheer the long jump at the start of the Four Hills Tournament in Oberstdorf, Bavaria.

The tranquil town in the Allgäu region is known as the venue for many international winter sports events, but especially for ski jumping or ski flying. Just a jump away from the ski jump, at Weststraße 7, there is another crowd puller with a special appeal. Stahlwaren Wagner was founded in 1992 by Rosemarie and Robert Wagner and has been run by Lorenz Tauscher and his wife Sandra since 2015. The main focus of the product range is on household goods, chef's knives and pocket knives. The focus is always on providing needs-based advice to customers, some of whom are more critical than many a jump judge. But here, any worries are unfounded. Thanks to the pronounced expertise of the owners, the shop regularly receives the top score of 20, which is no coincidence, since Lorenz Tauscher's passion for knives was kindled by his father when he was given his first knife as a gift in his childhood.
Stahlwaren Wagner stands for the highest quality, so only selected manufacturers are included in the range. Boker has maintained an intensive business relationship since the store was founded, always characterized by great respect and mutual appreciation. The owner remembers: "After we took over the business, we had our first appointment with the Boker sales representative. Funnily enough, we happened to meet him at the hotel the night before, when we were invited to a conference, and had a nice chat."
The Boker Plus Frelon is also omnipresent in Lorenz Tauscher's memory: "I unfortunately lost it once on the way. Fortunately, I found it again the next day when I was walking down the trail. The knife inspires me with its outstanding workmanship, timeless design and everyday size, so it fits in any pocket."
Best of all, a visit to Stahlwaren Wagner eliminates the nerve-wracking preparation phase at the ski jump table and begins directly with a clean Telemark landing in the store, joyful faces included.

Stahlwaren Wagner
West Str. 7
D-87561 Oberstdorf


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