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C-Tec is a synthetic resin based on an aluminum honeycomb structure. The fine, silver-colored surface texture and the depth of the semi-transparent material create an exceptional effect.


C75 is a classic non-stainless carbon steel we use for special projects in our manufacture in Solingen. Carbon steel soon develops its typical blue-gray patina that is not a flaw but a natural...

Chad Los Banos

Chad Los Banos from Hawaii is a full-time law enforcement officer and has already realized countless projects with us. He is specializes in handy tactical Pocketknives,

Charles Marlowe

Charles Marlowe has been designing and manufacturing Knives since he was 15 years old. Besides Pocketknives and Balisongs, handy Multitools also belong to his range.

Chef Knife

A chef knife is a larger kitchen knife that can be used for almost all foods (meat, fish, vegetables) and all cuttings styles (cutting, chopping, mincing).

Chisel Grind

The chisel grind is a unilateral grind, which means that one side of the blade is ground while the other remains flat. Compared to other grinds, this one has a more acute angle which achieves a...


Chromium is a corrosion- and tarnish-resistant heavy metal with a silver white color. It is a relatively common trace element in the earth crust that is mostly strip-mined.

Chrome Steel

Chrome steel is a type of stainless steel that consists of a chromium alloy. Chrome steel is stainless and used in knife manufacture to make high-quality knife blades.


The clip can be found on the back of many pocketknives. It is used to secure the knife for quick access without losing it. Most people use it to clip the knife to the inside of their pants pocket.


CNC stands for computerized numerical control. It is the name of an electronic control system for machine tools (CNC machines). It has been used over the years to streamline serial and individual...

Cocobolo Wood

Cocobolo is a type of wood used for the production of knife handles. It has an orange-red hue that becomes much darker with processing. Most Cocobolo knife handles have a rich dark red color.

Colin Despins

The American Colin Despins is passionate martial arts fighter and uses the experience from the sport for his extraordinary designs. His knives are always uncompromisingly designed for effectiveness.


Cordura is a registered trademark of the Swiss company Invista. It is a woven polyamide (nylon) material. The textile is made from cut polyamide fibers which are first re-spun and then woven.


Corian is the brand name of a mineral/organic composite material (acrylic stone) produced by DuPont. It was launched in 1967 with an exterior that resembles marble but offers a much less porous...


CPM-154 is the powder-metallurgical variation of CM154 offering the typical advantages of a CPM steel, including a very fine and homogenous structure and increased alloy components. 


CPM-3V is a powder-metallurgical steel with a hardness exceeding 60 HRC, which makes it exceptionally shatterproof. Very well suited for knives that might be subject to some "abuse" in certain...


CPM-CruWear is a tool steel with far better than average edge retention. With its chromium content of 7.5%, it is not a stainless steel but has shown to be relatively trouble-free in this respect.


CPM-D2 is the powder-metallurgical variation of the D2 tool steel. Compared to regular D2, it has a somewhat more balanced property profile and better edge retention. 


CPM-M4 is a powder-metallurgical high-performance tool steel that offers excellent edge retention and stability. Due to its chromium content of just 4%, it is quite susceptible to corrosion.


A true exception among powder-metallurgical steel products that offers an almost matchless combination of edge retention and breaking strength.


The powder-metallurgical CPM-S-30V is one of the few blade steel types that was actually developed as one and doesn't come from a different field such as tools or turbines.


As an improved variation of CPM-S-30V, the CPM-S-35VN is a niobium alloy and offers optimized processing properties and slightly better performance data.


It is an older powder-metallurgical steel that has been mostly replaced by the more modern types CPM-S30V and CPM154. It used to be called CPM-440V.


As a nitrogen-alloyed steel, Cronidur-30 is particularly corrosion-resistant. Reducing carbon in the alloy increases the corrosion-resistance, while the addition of nitrogen ensures temperability.


CTS BD-1 is a steel made by Carpenter that has become more common in recent years. It is used for knives in the upper mid-range by manufacturers like Cold Steel and, in part, Spyderco.


CTS XHP is a versatile powder-metallurgical steel by Carpenter that has gained popularity in recent years. Some American custom knifemakers are very successful with CTS-XHP.