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T6MoV is a rarely used middle-grade steel approximately at the level of 440B. It has a hardness of 54-56 HRC and was originally made in France.


The so-called Tanto blade is a Japanese blade type that was mainly developed for swords and combat knives.It is used for combat and tactical knives, where precise cuts are not a priority.

Diving Knife

A diving knife is a type of knife specifically developed to meet the requirements of divers. It is supposed to help divers, especially in emergencies.


Texturing is the application of a three-dimensional structure to surfaces and edges, for example on handle scales or other workpieces. The resulting patterning means that the roughened handle...

Thomas Krug

The ambitious Knife Maker Thomas Krug from Bochum operates a renowned tattoo studio and specializes exclusively in individual pieces, called custom tattoos.

Thomas Künzi

Thomas Künzi is a Knife Maker and a cutler of passion and convinces with his high-quality knives, made of high-quality steels and selected materials. His focus is on the production of Fixed Blade...

Thuja Wood

Thuja is a type of fine wood used to make high-quality handle scales. The thujas or arborvitae belong to the cypress family. The wood of Thuja plicata is sold under the trade name of Red Cedar.

Tim Britton

Since 1971 Tim Britton is manufacturing handmade Custom Knives now he is known world-wide. The finest materials and perfect production quality are found in all his designs.


In the knife industry, titanium is not just used to make blades but also handle scales. The metallic white material offers several special properties.


A titanium/aluminum/nitride coating increases the robustness and resistance to wear and tear of knife blades. The coating, also known by its abbreviation TiAIN, is a type of PVD coating.

Todd Begg

Todd Begg has been a full-time knife maker for many years. He is a true virtuoso of CNC machining and is known for his very unusual, unequaled designs.

Todd Rexford

Todd Rexfords fascination with knives began in his childhood when he and his father visited guns and trade fairs. His passion for sharp blades ultimately resulted in the desire to build his own...

Tom Krein

Tom Krein from Arkansas has made a name for himself with his practical knives. The designs, which are made for outdoor and hunting, have made him famous in the knife scene.

Tony Lennartz

Tony Lennartz has been an icon in outdoor, survival and bushcraft for decades. His designs are the essence of his knowledge and a clear commitment to his philosophy of uncompromising functionality.


The tsuba is the hand guard of a samurai sword. It protects the hand from injuries and keeps the user\'s hand from sliding forward onto the blade.