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The powder metallurgically M390 from Böhler is a modern high-performance steel with the highest abrasion resistance and toughness. It is also characterized by an extraordinarily high corrosion...

Mammoth Tooth

Mammoth Tooth is a rare material used to make very exclusive handle scales. Mammoths were an elephant species that lived more than 5 million years ago and is now extinct.

Martin Knives

Martin Knives is a family business from Texas, consisting of Hank and Ed Martin. Their designs are very diverse and are not limited to one style.

Matt Diskin

Matt Diskin from Seattle convinces with straight lines and an absolutely thought out designs. He is specialized on automatic knives, but produces classical pocket knives and fixed blades as well.


Micarta is a composite material used to make knife handles. It is based on fibers and epoxy resin. Micarta is sturdy and lightweight, which makes it a popular material.

Michael Burch

Michael Burch was born in rural Missouri in 1978. Knives have accompanied him since his earliest childhood. Already at the age of 12 he built his first knives in his father's garage.

Mickey Yurco

Mickey Yurco from Ohio is a police officer for over 30 years and a Knife Maker for over 25 years now. Influences from Japan and various martial arts are incorporated into many of his designs.

Micro-Melt Maxamet

Maxamet is the hardest blade steel currently used in knife series. It offers a hardness grade of about 69 HRC. It was developed for cutting other high-performance steel products.

Mike Skellern

The Knife Maker Mike Skellern from South Africa is particularly known for his extremely light-weight Gentleman Knives. He has also participated several times in the annual Knife Makers Fair in...

Miltner Adams

Richard Miltner founded the Miltner Adams Company in 2003, after working for over 10 years as a bodyguard. His experience from this field is part of his designs.


MOLLE stands for Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment and is a system for carrying and extending personal equipment.


Michele Pensato, better known as Molletta, designs Pocketknives and Fixed Blades for many years in Italy. The enthusiastic archaeologist spent a lot of time on various expeditions


Molybdenum is a metal that is used, among other things, in certain steel alloys. Alloys with molybdenum are for example used for stainless steel blades.

Mono Steel

Mono steel is a term for blades that are made from one layer of steel. Generally speaking, two types of steel are used to make knife blades – carbon steel and stainless steel.

Bog Oak Wood

The wood sold under the name of bog oak is used to make high-quality knife handles. Bog oak is not a separate oak species, but oak wood that has been submerged in a bog for a long time.


MoVa is identical in composition to the German blade steel 4116. It offers a good balance of edge retention, rust-resistance and easy sharpening. Its hardness is at 55-56 HRC.