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The cobalt-alloyed N690 by Böhler (not to be confused with the lower-grade N695!) is a very reliable upper middle-grade steel we use at our Solingen manufacture for a wide variety of projects. 


Böhler N695 is slightly below the popular N690 and is exactly like the common 440C in terms of composition and performance data.

Nail Nick

The nail nick is a notch driven into the blade, which gives the thumbnail hold when opening the blade. 

Neil Blackwood

Neil Blackwood, a full-time Knife Maker since 1996, began to carve wood knives and letter-openers already as a child. The designer from Florida loves the technical challenge of developing...

Nickel Silver

Nickel silver is the name of an alloy containing copper, nickel and zinc that has a silver-like look. In the knife industry, it is mainly used for fittings, especially for the so-called bolsters.


A tool steel that can achieve a high hardness grade, often above 60 HRC, and offers excellent edge retention. It is a preferred material of LionSteel.


The stainless Nitro-B is a surgical steel with a high nitrogen content. It has an extremely thin microstructure and is highly rust-resistant. It is a robust steel with good edge retention and...


Nitro-V is a steel with excellent edge retention and outstanding rust resistance. (Commercially and according to DIN stainless).