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Jared Price

Jared Price from Springfield, Missouri, is designing his own knives and multi-tools since 2008. He has always been an enthusiastic knife collector since his youth.

Jason Stout

Jason Stout from Tennessee is a skilled toolmaker and machinist. Since the training, the full-time Knife Maker designs Pocketknives, Fixed Blades and handy Multitools.

Jens Anso

Jens Ansø from Denmark is a full-time Knife Maker and industrial designer since 2001 and above all known for his very own form language and practical designs.

Jeremy Marsh

As most of his colleagues, Jeremy Marsh has started early being interested in knives. After receiving some copies of an American knife magazine from his father, he craved for his own, self-made...

Jerry Fisk

Jerry Fisk from Arkansas is one of the most renowned Knife Makers and blacksmiths in North America and has already received numerous prizes for his works.

Jesper Voxnaes

The versatile designs of the Danish knifemaker Jesper Voxnaes have meanwhile become an almost indispensable part of the Boker product range. His outdoor designs as well as his kitchen knife...

Jim Burke

Jim Burke from Mississippi became famous for the size and the curved lines of his designs, which shows much of his philosophy as a Knife Maker.

Jim Wagner

His designs are absolutely useable in operations, his longstanding experience flows into every single knife. Many international Special Forces use his techniques and have been trained by him.

John Bailey

The designs from John Bailey, a professional knife thrower, contain more than 40 years of experience. The expert in this area has published countless articles in different magazines.

John Graham

John Graham from Cleveland, Tennessee, is known for his extraordinary blade shapes. But also classic Pocketknives, Tomahawks and handy Multitools belong to his designs.

John Kubasek

John Kubasek from Massachusetts is Knife Maker since 1988 and has specialized in Pocketknives with a liner lock over the years. But innovative mechanisms also belong to his designs.

John W. Smith

John W. Smith is a full-time Knife Maker since 1993 and a member of the American Knife Makers Guild. Most of his designs are Pocketknives, for them he uses preferably natural materials.

Jürgen Schanz

At the age of 18, Jürgen Schanz began his apprenticeship as a Knifesmith, by now he is not only member and foreman of the German Knife Makers Guild, but is also known world-wide.