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Kansei Matsuno

The Japanese Knife Maker Kansei Matsuno is a master of his craft, and his designs undoubtedly have their own style. He has been making Knives since 1992.

Kirby Lambert

The knives by the Custom Knife Maker Kirby Lambert from Canada have been extremely popular for many years. He combines absolute functional designs with elegance and successful lines.

Cherry Wood

The wood of several cherries species is marketed under the name of cherry wood. It is used to make exquisite knife handle scales. Cherry trees grow almost anywhere around the world in temperate...

Blade Coating

Coating a blade increases its lifespan. Most blade coatings are applied to protect the blade from environmental conditions, abrasion or damage and to increase its lifespan.


For millennia, animal bones have been used to make knife handles. Today, the most commonly used varieties are cattle and reindeer bones.

Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber is a composite material consisting of extremely tear-resistant carbon fiber mats embedded in a matrix of epoxy resin. The material is extremely strong and yet very light.

Carbon Steel

Even in the age of state-of-the-art powder-metallurgical steel, classic non-stainless carbon steel still has its raison d\'être. For blades requiring an fine edge, e.g. razors, carbon steel is...


Contouring is the beveling and rounding of surfaces and edges, for example on handle scales or other workpieces. Due to the resulting curvature, the rounded handle scales lie comfortably in the...

Kornel Kiss

Knife builder Kornel Kiss from Hungary is incredibly creative, which is reflected on his works. His designs are extremely stabile and practical. Latest materials complete the overall look.

Kosie Steenkamp

The South African Kosie Steenkamp designs and produces his own knives since 2007. Even the smallest details are important for him, many of his knives are decorated with fileworks and embellishments.


Synthetic consists of synthetically or semi-synthetically produced polymers. The first plastics were produced in the 19th century, consisting of natural substances such as rubber or cellulose.