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In knife manufacture, ebony is used to make handles. Even in the ancient world, the dark wood, mainly harvested in India and Indonesia, has been seen as the epitome of fine wood.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is a name for different alloyed and unalloyed steel types.In metals and metallic materials, purity describes the number of inclusions of substances.

Oak Wood

In knife production, oak wood is used to make high-quality handle scales. The oak species used in Europe for the production of knife handle scales are usually denoted by their Latin names.

Ice Beech Wood

Ice Beech wood gets its characteristic appearance from a patented biological process, which is mainly based on the use of frost, sunlight and moisture. The brighter parts alternate vividly with...

Cryo Hardening

Cryo hardening is the name of a method in which a finished metal item is first tempered with the usual process before being undercooled and warmed up again.


Elforyn was developed as a substitute for ivory with a high mineral content. It bears a close resemblance to the original material, not just visually but in its technical and processing properties.


Elmax is a Swedish powder-metallurgical steel of top-grade quality. It has an impeccable international reputation and is used successfully by manufacturers like LionSteel.


Anodizing is a process for coating the surface of metals. This process is used in knife production. Anodizing means oxidizing a metal surface with an electrochemical process.

Ash Wood

Ash wood is used to make high-quality handle scales. Ash wood is indigenous to almost all of Europe as well as some regions in the Middle East and the Caucasus Mountains.