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Pakkawood is the name of impregnated wood veneers used in knife production to make handle scales. Handles made from this material are available in many colors and shapes.


Rosewood is the trade name of the lumber harvested from trees of the Dalbergia genus. Rosewood is characterized by its dark coloring and striking pattern.

Mother of Pearl

Mother-of-pearl is the hard and glossy inner coating of shells and snail shells. This material is used to make exclusive knife handle scales. Mother-of-pearl makes very fine handle scales.

Peter Farkas

The Hungarian Knife Maker Peter Farkas has become the first choice for many when it comes to compact and comfortable fixed blade knives for everyday use.

Poltergeist Works

The Polish Knife Maker Jakub Wieczorkiewicz manufactures tactical pocket and fixed knives under the brand Poltergeist Works from high-quality materials.


Polypropylene is a plastic used to make knife handle scales. The lightweight, hard and relatively inexpensive material is widely used to make simple knife handle scales.


PVD coating is a finishing method for knife blades that increases their resistance to wear and tear. PVD is short for physical vapor deposition. Unlike chemical vapor deposition, this process is...