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Unter einer Konturierung versteht man das Abschrägen und Abrunden von Oberflächen und Kanten, zum Beispiel bei Griffschalen oder anderen Werkstücken. Durch die so entstehende Wölbung liegen die...


Reiden (assembling) describes in knife manufacturing the process by which the blade is joined to the hilt. In a sense, this is the assembly of the essential components of a knife.

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The cobalt-alloyed N690 by Böhler (not to be confused with the lower-grade N695!) is a very reliable upper middle-grade steel we use at our Solingen manufacture for a wide variety of projects. 


While it was still a high-end steel several decades ago, 440 is a very decent middle-grade steel today. 440C is known for retention, corrosion resistance and easy sharpening.