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The term "finishing" describes a process in knife manufacturing in which protruding and sharp-edged material on the handle and tang is removed, resulting in a clean handle contour with gentle curves. When the handle scales and blade are joined (mounting), small burrs and indentations can occur that are uncomfortable to the touch when handling the knife. A coarse grind is used to remove any imperfections on the tang and rivets, and then the fine grind is used to level the handle scales so that there is no longer a noticeable transition on the various materials of the handle. Boker knives are finished professionals and guarantee a hand-flattering handle that allows safe handling of the knife and is also very hygienic, as no dirt residues can get stuck. The work of the cutter requires a great deal of dexterity and experience, so that only as much material as necessary is removed to preserve the contour and evenness of the handle.